Extermination #2 Review

Writer: Ed Brisson

Artist: Pepe Larraz

Colors: Marte Gracia

Letters: VC’s Joe Sabino

You know times are bad when every X-Men is present & accounted for

The Extermination continues as time literally begins running out for the time displaced original five X-Men. With the ramifications of last issue setting in Extermination #2 leaves the combined X-Men formulating a response to the deaths of Bloodstorm and Cable. You know it’s a great X-Event when the mutants gather and every major player in the X-Universe is present. The unknown is frustrating to the mutants and their focus is misplaced as they think Ahab and his hounds are the only threat, still unaware of the presence of ‘Young’ Cable and his obsession with the original five X-Men and the fact they are still in the wrong time. But they aren’t unaware for long as Cable makes yet another attempt on the original five.

WTF? Isn’t Cable Dead?

Extermination #2 is the perfect combination of action and drama. The action comes in the form of two attacks upon the mansion, one that leads to an outstanding cliffhanger, while the drama delves into the ineffectiveness of the original mission of the X-Men. While the action is fun and I love big super hero brawls it’s the issues quiet moments that really spoke to me. The frustration felt by the original five, especially Cyclops, that they are still fighting the fight, that the persecution, the lack of rights, and the need for the X-Men still exists after all these years. That even if they do go back to their time is it really worth it, does their fight matter? It’s a poignant moment that really made me reflect on the long history of the X-Men and their real world parallels with the Civil Rights struggle. It is sad that we are still fighting for equality for all in society but it is never a fight that should be given up and hopefully Cyclops comes to that conclusion, because he is needed and the fight is worth it.

Ed Brisson’s writing on Extermination is a fresh take on the X-Universe. It’s wonderfully nostalgic but not another rehash of the Claremont era. His pacing is dead on, as I never got bored with the situation the reader was placed in and he weaved the drama and action into one fluid spectacle. Pepe Larraz’s art is so good. I’ve been a fan of his since I first saw his art on Deadpool vs. X-Force and his growth over the years is truly impressive. With the addition of Marte Gracia’s rich colors Extermination #2 is a truly beautiful comic. I’m so happy to be excited for an X-Event again and Extermination is setting up to be a line wide revamping of the X-Universe with some wonderful new blood and fresh takes.

Verdict: Extermination #2 continues to be another excellent chapter of the latest X-Universe event. With the combination of great writing and beautiful artwork Extermination is a definite BUY, especially for the lapsed X-Fan who wants to come back into the X-Fold.

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