Thor #2 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Mike Del Mundo

Letters & Production: VC’s Joe Sabino

The return of Balder the Brave… and his Monster Truck

The excellence continues with Thor #2. It’s starting to sound redundant at this point but I never get tired of writing that Jason Aaron has crafted yet another excellent issue of Thor. This latest volume of Thor has a different feel then Aaron’s previous run. While still full of action and adventure it also has a sense of humor to it, especially with the odd couple pairing of Thor and Loki and the inclusion of Toothgrinder (Thor’s goat), Thori the Murder Dog, and Thor’s prized boat. It’s the sign of a great writer that Aaron can make each volume of his Thor run feel original and unique.

Thor #2 picks up where the previous issue left off, with Thor, Loki, Tori, and Toothgrinder travelling to Hel to stop Queen Sindr, daughter of Sutur, from taking over Hel and using the fallen soldiers to aid Malekith in his War of the Realms. Picking up with the joyful reunion of Thor with his half brother Balder the Brave and Skurge the Executioner leads to a Hell, excuse me Hel, of a chase scene as the Queen has sent her army after the last bastion of resistance in Hel. Luckily Balder has a Monster Truck armed to the teeth. A few old friends join the fellowship along the way, including yet another son of Odin, Tyr the god of war, as they learn that Queen Sindr is trying to sneak in an ultimate weapon to end the resistance in Hel and claim it as her own for good. The culmination of the issue leads to a beautiful cliffhanger that while isn’t unexpected still pays off the reader.

Thor has never looked so good thanks to Mike Del Mundo

Joining Aaron on Thor #2 is Mike Del Mundo whose artwork is a perfect fit for the God of Thunder. His art is detailed and dynamic while his colors pop off the page with a painted feel to it that is rich and vibrant. Together with Jason Aaron this volume of Thor looks to continue the excellence that readers have come to expect over the past few years when it comes the Asgardian God of Thunder.

Verdict: Thor #2 is an exciting and beautiful issue of the continuing adventures of Thor and his entourage. Jason Aaron has written another wonderful issue, which is amplified by the gorgeous art of Mike Del Mundo.

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