Modern Fantasy #1 Review

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Writer: Rafer Roberts

Artist: Kristen Gudsnuk

Cover Artist: Kristen Gudsnuk

Reviewer: KrisK

Imagine if you crossed Dungeons and Dragons with a slice of life comic. And then turn it into a Jason Bateman comedy like Horrible Bosses or Game Night. That gets you close to the new Dark Horse comic, Modern Fantasy. 

Modern Fantasy tells the story of Sage of the Riverlands, who wishes she was a great hero, but is in reality, a data entry specialist. She lives with Lizard Wizard, who is exactly what he sounds like, works with Bock-Darr, an annoying and probably half-orc coworker, and is best friends with Gondra, a beardless female dwarf. Lizard Wizard is dating a bad influence who drags him into the path of a homicidal criminal. Also, some powerful elf weed is also involved in this issue.

Image result for modern fantasy #1 I didn’t know what to expect when I started this comic. Maybe, a slice of life of a girl who dreams of Fantasy and adventure. I was close. I just didn’t expect the world she lived in to be Fantasy, full of mythical creatures and floating castles. The combination of slice of life and fantasy makes this comic feel like a lighter Netflix’s Bright. The characters all feel like someone you know or have met in real life, and the life of Sage relates to all who have daydreamed of adventure.

Roberts writes well, and while I didn’t laugh at any point, the story amused me throughout. It sucked me into the character’s daily hopes and dreams, and I rooted for them all. Though the story so far feels similar to various comedic movies, the environment and the details that go with it make the story feel fresh. The art’s lines make the story feel like a crisp cartoon on Comedy Central or Fox, but executed on a superior level. The colors all contrast neatly with their backgrounds. The characters all have unique looks and styles.

It stinks this miniseries will end soon, because it has the legs to carry itself longer than most.

Verdict: Buy. This comic is a welcome escape from the world. It has adventure and fun. I loved every character, and I want them all to find love and themselves. It is the perfect antidote to the sometimes poisonous world we live in.

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