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Issue #344: Comics That Hit In The Heart Places

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SWEET CHRISTMAS!!!! This week, Melissa’s back and the gang reviews Season 2 of Netflix and Marvel’s LUKE CAGE, catches up on a BUNCH of killer comics, and takes some really really special listener questions, including one about comic book issues and stories that connect with us on a personal level. Tune in, folks!!!

Book titles talked about during this week’s episode include: Batwoman #16, Brave & the Bold #5, Ant-Man & Wasp #2, Giant Days: Extra Credit, Shanghai Red #1, Tank Girl: All Stars #1, A Strange & Beautiful Sound, X-MEN: GOLD #30, Infidel #2-4, Delta 13 #1 & 2, Gideon Falls #3-4, Ask for Mercy, The Lost City of Explorers, Fence #1-7, Gale Galligan’s Jon 2, The Amazing Spider-Man #801, Tony Stark: Iron Man #1, and Batman #49.


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