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DC Nation #0 Review

Writers: Tom King, Brian Michael Bendis, & Scott Snyder

Artist: Clay Mann, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, & Jorge Jimenez

Inker: Dexter Vines (Superman in “Office Space”)

Colors: Jordie Bellaire, Alex Sinclair, & Alejandro Sanchez

Letters: Clayton Cowles, Josh Reed, & Andworld Design

DC Nation #0 is the future of DC. With three short stories DC reaffirms the importance that Tom King’s Batman plays to their line and establishes the future impact that Brian Michael Bendis’ Supermantitles and Scott Snyder’s Justice Leagueis going to have on the company and comics as a whole. As we end the second year of Rebirthit feels like DC is quietly recharging some of their titles and if DC Nation #0is any indication it’s going to a wonderful era for the not only the Dark Knight, but also the Man of Steel, and the pantheon of DC’s greatest heroes.

The Joker just can’t wait for his invitation to Batman’s wedding

Batman: Your Big Day

Tom King and Clay Mann’s Batman tale is just a wonderfully creepy Joker story. As Batman and Catwoman’s big day approaches Joker can’t wait for his invitation. So how does a crazed maniac pass the time before the invitation appears? By taking a random stranger hostage and berate him with bad jokes while waiting for the mail to arrive. The tension leaps from the pages as the entirety of emotions that spews from a hostage situation runs through the pages. Anyone who is reading Tom King’s Batman can anticipate yet another captivating story. What King and artist Clay Mann are able to do in 8 pages is amazing. Jordie Bellaire’s bright daylight colors are a total contrast to the story and Clay Mann’s art is pitch perfect for a Joker tale. The story picks up in June’s Batman #48 and I for one can’t wait.

Superman: Office Space

Although the weakest of the three tales within DC Nation #0 it still was an enjoyable read. I will applaud DC for their ability to keep what Bendis’ take on Superman will be. Since Rebirth Superman and Action Comics have been enjoyable reads, I gravitated toward Superman more than Action Comics but that might be the father in me and I loved the Clark and Jon dynamic. Since it was announced that Brian Michael Bendis was leaving Marvel for DCand that he would be taking over the Superman titles there has been a mixture of anticipation and wonderment in the comic’s community. We had a brief story in Action Comics #1000that got many a Bendis fan excited. DC Nation #0 gives us Office Space that has less action than the Action Comics story but does give the readers classic Bendis slice of life dialogue as he establishes the new status quo for Clark and the Daily Planet. Office Space creates more mystery for what Bendis will do with the Man of Steel but it was intriguing and whoever decided to get the incredible Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez to draw the interiors deserves a raise. Garcia-Lopez was a comics star of the ‘70s and ‘80s and although now 70 he can still turn out some wonderful artwork. Intent or not Office Space had a classic feel and I did enjoy that and looking forward to Bendis at DC.

Justice League Mystery: One of many Justice Leagues in DC Nation #0

Justice League: No Justice Prelude

Scott Snyder’s Justice League may be one of the most anticipated titles for this summer. With the brilliant work he did on the New 52’s Batman and then again on the recently wrapped Dark Knights: Metalthere is a high expectation for what Snyder does with the Justice League and if DC Nation #0 is a hint then it is going to be great. Joined by Jorge Jimenez, who is on his way to becoming a comic book star with his hyper dynamic manga inspired artwork. Justice League: No Justice #1 hits stands next week the story here is a prelude, setting up the distinct Justice League teams that will appear throughout that mini-series. It all of course leads to Scott Snyder, Jim Cheung, and Jorge Jimenez’s Justice Leaguerelaunch in June. If this story is the future of Justice League then fans are in for a fantastic comic this summer.

Verdict:DC Nation #0 is sure to build anticipation for DC’ssummer events and for a quarter (free on Comixology) it’s something that shouldn’t be passed up.

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