the Mighty Thor #706 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Russell Dauterman

Colors: Matthew Wilson

Letters: VC’s Joe Sabino

The fallen Thor

A few years ago I had no interest in a Thor who was not the Odinson. Three and a half years later I was teary eyed as Jane Foster sacrificed herself and Mjolnir to defend Asgardia and to save the Asgardians. I had no idea that the end of the MightyThor #705would hit me so deeply in the heart.  I had to emotionally brace myself for the Mighty Thor #706, the finale of the Jane Foster Thor era as I had no idea how Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman would end this epic adventure. Rather than spoil the ending all I will say is that it is a satisfying conclusion that beautifully wraps up the story of Jane Foster and like every Thorissue since Jason Aaron took over it leaves the readers wanting more.

Odin has words for Jane before she passes through the gates of Valhalla

The Mighty Thor #706picks up directly after Jane’s sacrifice. She lays revealed to the Gods of Asgard, shocking many that a cancer ridden mortal was worthy enough to pick up Mjolnir and ascend to the mantle of Thor. None stand more shocked then Odin, who travels to the gates of Valhalla to confront Jane before she crosses over to the Norse warrior paradise. The loss of Thor isn’t the Asgardians only problem, the destruction of Mjolnir to defeat the Mangog has released the Cosmic Mother Storm that was harnessed as the core of Thor’s mighty hammer. In his grief Thor Odinson decides to confront the storm, to confront his loss… a loss he cannot accept, a loss he refuses to accept.

The Mighty Thor #706wraps up what has been one of the most enjoyable Thor runs ever. Jason Aaron took over the character in 2012 and has defined who Thor is for the twenty-first century. When he finally leaves the book (which I hope is a very long time from now) he will go down as one of the definitive writers of the character. While this is Russell Dauterman’s swan song on the title his contributions will not be soon forgotten. His detailed artwork has been a highlight of this title since he took over and his work here has made him one of the best and most in demand artists at Marvel. I don’t know where he goes from here but he will have a hard time topping the work he did on the Mighty Thor. Although I am sad to see this book end I know that Aaron has a long term plan and I look forward to the return of Thor this summer but I will miss Jane Foster’s Thor but the Mighty Thor #706is a worthy finale for her tale.

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