Issue #335: Action Comics #1000 & Spotlighting Secondary Characters

Issue #335: Action Comics #1000 & Spotlighting Secondary Characters

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Before the gang succumbs to AVENGERS INFINITY WAR HYPE HYPE HYPE, there are still comics to discuss!!! This week: an adorable graphic novel called My Boyfriend is a Bear, a new series from Image called Skyward, and the landmark 1000th issue of Action Comics!!!

Also, the gang dissects the new Venom trailer, chats about the ongoing mindmess that is Legion, and takes a slew of Listener Questions!!!

This week’s question is from Joey: Pitch a solo series and a team-up book featuring characters that you feel finally deserve their time to shine. Any publisher. Heroes or villains. (We know: not really a question… but Joey’s weird, soooo…)

Click here for a list of the comics discussed on this week’s episode!!! #READCOMICS


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