Issue #334: Graphic Novel Adaptations & Captain America #700

Issue #334: Graphic Novel Adaptations & Captain America #700

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Lots of comics on this week’s episode, including the second issue of Gideon Falls, the first issue of Dead Hand from Image, the thirty-first issue of Squirrel Girl (and a send-off for Erica Henderson), the eighth issue of Eternal Empire, and two new Marvel number ones: Exiles and DOMINO (from pod-fav Gail Simone!)!!! Oh yeah, and the epic 700th issue of Captain America!!!!

Also, Melissa and Joey debate the season 8 finale of The Walking Dead.

Also also, as per Mr. Bob Reyer himself, the gang gets creative with the responses to this week’s question:If you could have your favorite piece of literature (novel, short story, poem. film, anything) turned into a graphic novel, what would it be, and who would be on the creative team behind it???

Click here for a list of the comics discussed on this week’s episode!!! #READCOMICS

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