Bloodshot: Salvation #6 Review

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Written by JEFF LEMIRE

Review by KrisK

For those of you not familiar with the awesome world of Valiant, Bloodshot is an ex-special forces superhero for the government. He was injected with nanites, and now he has enhanced healing, strength, speed, and a strong affinity with technology. He is Deathstroke and Cyborg put in a blender with gray food coloring. This is a gross simplification though. The character is much more interesting than the one eyed mercenary. He is the hero in the western who wants to ride off into the sunset but just can’t. Also, he has a smart dog that came with him from the government. I don’t know the pooch’s story, but he is definitely smarter than the average Husky.

Bloodshot has killed the pedophile cult leader father of his wife, Magic, after he starts calling her up and telling her to come back home to “Daddy”. (I never wanted someone in a comic to die more) In his absence though, his daughter is dying, and now, it will take a deal with devil. Thankfully, Ninjak knows a guy, who might know a devil who can “help.” They head off to New Orleans to meet up with this mysterious ally, who just so happens is about to have his own series start. I am sure his appearance here is pure coincidence. (Wink, Wink)

The beauty of the Valiant Universe is that while everything is connected, you don’t have to know everything. I have never read Ninjak in my life, but I wasn’t thrown off by his appearance at all.

The story is much better than it sounds. The characters feel real, and every word sounds right. I finish every issue ready for the next. It might be the pacing. The issues never feel too long or short. Lemire does his best work, when he isn’t writing for the big 2  (DC, Marvel). The art by Guedes was a revelation. I have seen his art before for DC and Marvel, but I have never seen it like this. Valiant’s house style has an attention to detail that makes you actually stop reading the words and take in the pictures. They also let the artists do more work with the panel layout and imagery.

Verdict: Buy. I could say buy it for Lemire or Guedes alone, but it would be sorely underselling the talent of the other. This is a creative team at the top of their game. Every time I soak in the Valiant Jacuzzi, I never want to get out.




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