Eternity #4 Review

Writer: Matt Kindt

Penciller: Trevor Hairsine

Inker: Ryan Winn

Colors: David Baron

Letters: A Larger World Studios

Divinity, Myshka, and the Next Observer?

Eternity #4 ends what has been a psychedelic trip of Kirbyesque proportions and wraps up yet another adventure of Valiant’s most powerful hero, Divinity. Over the course of four mini-series now Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine had evolved and expanded their creation from a simple Russian Cosmonaut given incredible powers on the other side of the universe to a father searching for his son across the galaxy at the edge of the universe. Yet Eternity was an evolution from the previous Divinity mini-series. It was larger. It was bolder. And thankfully it was weirder.

Eternity began with a bang, literally, as the Observer (Valiant’s version of the Watcher) dies at the hand of a universe piercing bullet. Chosen, unwillingly, to replace the Observer is the child of Abram (Divinity) and Myshka, his fellow gifted cosmonaut from Divinity 2 & Divinity 3: the Stalinverse. Over the course of the series Abram and Myshka have gone to the end of the universe to stop this from happening…. But what if it already happened and was always supposed to happen. That is the question Eternity #4 answers as it takes the readers across the galaxy to finally receive the answer of how Divinity and Myshka gained their abilities and why they needed them. As a whole Eternity neatly wraps up the entirety of the Divinity story but I doubt this is the end, it’s just too awesome of a concept and series of mini-series for Valiant to let it go away.

I’ve enjoyed the evolution of the Divinity mini-series and Eternity was yet another wonderful entry. Matt Kindt has an excellent grasp of his creation and really let his imagination run wild within Eternity as he channeled his inner Kirby with some fantastic ideas and over the top super science. Trevor Hairsine once again delivers stellar artwork. Hairsine really got to play with some incredible concepts. I said in my review of Eternity #1 that the artwork had a wild Kirby feel but over the course of the series the art took on a more Steve Ditko quality as it reminded me of some early Doctor Strange issues from the ‘60s with its wild concepts and page bending layouts. I found myself enjoying the story but captured by the art and I cannot wait to see where they go next.

Verdict: Eternity was a wonderful mini-series and a beautiful extension of the Divinity series of mini-series. Matt Kindt tells a wonderful story and Trevor Hairsone’s artwork in mind bendingly beautiful and it is an absolute Buy

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