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Batman #39 Review

Writer: Tom King

Artist: Joelle Jones

Colors: Jordie Bellaire

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Wonder Woman- She can play with the Bat Signal if she wants to

Technically Batman #39 is a continuation of the Superfriends storyline that began a few issues a go. The first part of Superfriends dealt with Batman and Superman’s friendship and where they stand with one another. Batman #39 deals with Batman’s relationship with the other part of the DC Trinity, Wonder Woman. Where the first part of Superfriends was lighthearted and humorous Batman #39 takes the tale in a darker direction. At some point during a JLA mission Batman and Wonder Woman came into contact with the Gentle Man, a warrior who has spent thousands of years fighting off the Hordes or Gehenna who are forever trying to invade our realm. During their mission Batman and Wonder Woman offered him a respite, a break from the fighting, and they would defend our realm until the Gentle Man’s return. In Batman #39 the Gentle Man has finally taken them up on their offer.

Luckily Batman has some Demon Horde fighting Bat- Armor lying around

Batman #39 was another wonderful issue by current Batman architect Tom King and returning artist Joelle Jones, whose magnificent pencils amplify King’s story. As we near the two year mark on King’s run it is apparent that he has an incredible grasp of who Batman and is and what makes for a great Batman story since he continues to deliver them issue after issue. The addition of Wonder Woman here was delightful and the opening scene of her hijacking the Bat-Signal much to Commissioner Gordon’s dismay, but then again who’s going to say no to Wonder Woman. The High Fantasy style campaign Batman and Wonder Woman embark upon was a nice change of pace and opens us up to an interesting twist that may impact our future Bat-Nuptials. Finally, Jones is such an incredible artist and I am so happy DC signed her up and put her on the Batman rotation. Her Wonder Woman is absolutely magnificent with the perfect balance of strength and beauty. Her artwork on this issue is perfect and I hope to continue to see her in the Bat Rotation- unless she wants to pay a well deserved Amazon a visit and right that floundering ship.

Verdict: Fans of Batman will not be disappointed, as Batman #39 is another in a long line of great Tom King Batman issues. Joelle Jones artwork only makes the issue better and will leave you wanting a Jones penciled Wonder Woman title in the future. Go out and Buy this comic.


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