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Talking Movies episode 152: The Disaster Artist

Like his inspiration, Tommy Wiseau, director and star James Franco had a Hollywood dream — to make a movie celebrating the cult classic The Room — and he’s realized it with his new film The Disaster Artist.

After discussing The Room last week, Nick and Brian were pretty hyped to see Franco’s take on the story and personalities behind Wiseau’s magnum opus, and in this episode, they’re here to discuss what some folks are calling one of the best films of 2017. Was Franco able to capture the eccentric, heartfelt, and bat-crap crazy spirit of Tommy Wiseau and The Room? Is The Disaster Artist a good enough movie that no prior knowledge of Tommy and his legacy is needed to enjoy it? And, was anybody ever able to figure out where the hell The Room‘s $5 million budget came from, or where it all went?

Find out all of that, plus: Nick revisits a nostalgic 90s holiday classic and offers some pretty strong opinions on Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Brian checks out a Vince Vaughn prison flick and a Netflix documentary about an A-list actor who got a little too far into character, and Chris sits this one out, still trying to scrub the image of Tommy Wiseau’s bare buttocks out of his brain.

Talking Movies 152: The Disaster Artist

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