Snotgirl#8 Review

Snotgirl #8

Snotgirl #8 Review

Words by Bryan Lee O’Malley

Visual by Leslie Hung

Color by Rachael Cohen

Lettering by Mare’ Odomo

Review by KrisK

Beware! Green Hair Don’t Care! Snotgirl is here! For those who are not familiar with the unique mixture of fashion, drama, and mystery, well, it’s a unique mixture of fashion, drama, and mystery. The eponymous Snotgirl’s given name is Lottie Person. She is a popular fashion blogger with a serious allergy problem who might have committed murder. This however, is the Boy’s Issue.

The Boys:

Sunny: Lottie’s ex

-Ashley: Fiance of Lottie’s friend, Meg, aka Norm Girl

-John: Cop who is obsessed with Lottie and fashion

-Virgil: Brother of Lottie’s friend, Caroline aka Cool Girl

All of these gents are obsessed with Lottie Person for reasons ranging from love to lust to…not sure what Virgil’s thing is, honestly.  Sunny and Ashley play a racquetball game together. John joins them in the steam room. Sunny gets into an altercation with Ashley when he tries to pimp out Lottie to both Sunny and John. The altercation can be described as “Ancient Greek style wrestling.”  Virgil is in this issue in a very incognito sort of way. He has been showing up a lot of places, interfering in little ways. We don’t know what his end game is yet.

Snotgirl #8

The issue is solid, and it gives some time to develop the male characters who usually get the short stick of the story. It is a bummer that we don’t get any new clues as to the mystery of the various crimes that have occurred throughout the series thus far. That being said, it gives you an idea what is going on in the heads of various supporting characters and informs their actions now and later.

The writing is well paced, so it doesn’t feel like you are just reading a place holder issue. The dialogue is spot on, as usual, they feel like real people, even if they aren’t like anyone you know. The art is beautiful as always, with heavy manga influences. The dream scene shown is a great example. The characters are hypersexualized, but not in a sleazy way.

Verdict: Buy. This comic is unlike anything I have seen on the racks, and I look forward to every issue. It is only bi monthly, so it is not the same financial commitment that other comics can be. It is clever in words and art. Every issue is different then the last, so the only thing you expect when you pick up an issue is not to know what to expect. I can’t wait to see where all of this leads, but I am in no rush. I am loving the ride.

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