Eternity #1 Review

Writer: Matt Kindt

Pencils: Trevor Hairsine

Inks: Ryan Winn

Colors: David Baron

Eternity #1

Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine’s Eternity #1 is three things. It is a wonderful evolution of the Divinity series. It is also a lovely homage to Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, as well as being a great all around comic book. The time and effort put into this issue is abundantly clear and rewards longtime readers of Divinity as well as being completely open and inviting to new readers.

Over the course of the three Divinity mini-series we’ve seen the development and evolution of Abram Adams. At the height of the Cold War Abram and two of his fellow Cosmonauts go further then any other human into outer space to prove the superiority of the USSR. Thirty years later Abram returned to earth but now he was Divinity with unfathomable powers and in direct conflict with the heroes of the Valiant Universe. With the second series we found out the fates of Divinity’s fellow cosmonauts and they are less then happy with the choices Abram made when he gained the power of Divinity. This draws Abram into conflict with his fellow Cosmonaut, Valentina, who was also gifted with limitless power. Then when we last saw our powerful Cosmonauts, reality had been rewritten into a world where Stalin and the USSR won the Cold War and created a workers paradise aka the Stalinverse.

Hairsine channelling his inner Kirby and Ditko

Eternity is the next evolution of Divinity. The story opens on a world or reality straight out of the imagination of Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko at the height of their imaginations. Within Eternity #1 we are finally going to explore where Abram and Valentina’s powers came from. We’re going deeper into the Valiant cosmos then we ever have before and Divinity is no doubt going to come head to head with his creators and quite possibly a situation even his fathomless powers will not save him from. Valentina is along for the ride as they desperately seek answers before the world that they know comes to an end.

Eternity #1 is an obvious work of love for Kindt and Hairsine. The story is mind bending but easily relatable. It’s weird, but not Morrison weird where it gets so far into the weeds it becomes impossible  to follow. Trevor Hairsine goes above and beyond with his imaginative artwork with this issue, and if the rest of the series is of this quality we may be looking at the best Divinity Story yet.

Verdict: Eternity #1 is a trippy ride into the cosmos of the Valiant and a definite Buy for fans of Divinity or anyone looking for a fun and creative homage to the stories of Kirby and Ditko.

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