Shoot, Quick! S4 E2 Cowboys and Robots aka Westworld S1


We’re back with our new format for Shoot, Quick! Every month, we’ll be getting together to talk about a different show or movie we’ve all watched from the BerlanTVerse, the MCU/DCU or whatever else we’re watching. This month, Alison and Nevena seriously disappoint Keith and Paola after they encouraged them to watch Westworld season 1. While the former loved the show and were definitely entertained, the latter insist that it’s 10 hours of their lives they’ll never get back.


And so, we enter the Great Westworld debate, featuring Krypto the Superdog (Keith and Paola’s dog) who just wants everyone to pay attention to him. Email us at shootquickpodcast@gmail.com if you want to weigh in on this (apparently) not universally loved series.

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