Avengers #672 Review

Writer: Mark Waid

Artist: Jesus Saiz

Letters: VC’s Cory Petit

Avengers #672 Epic Cover by Alex Ross

I’ve wanted to be blown away by Mark Waid’s run on the Avengers. I’ve waited patiently since it began to fall in love with his take on one of my all time favorite franchises but it has yet to happen. Not that I haven’t enjoyed Waid’s take on the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes but it’s been hit and miss and unfortunately every time the book gained momentum in ran smack into an event that neutered the title. On the other hand I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos’ run on The Champions and thankfully Avengers #672 (Yes, Legacy numbering!) brings the two teams together to save the world and possible multiverse in Worlds Collide part 1.

Avengers #672 see’s the Avengers free and clear of events as Legacy is upon us and Marvel wants to return better days and the classic feel of their titles and I’ll admit that Avengers #672 definitely has that feel. Worlds Collide brings together two generations of super teams as the Avengers and Champions team to help save the world. It will never be said that Mark Waid doesn’t have a grasp of classic Marvel characters, as his knowledge is strong and deep. Waid also has a tremendous understanding of Marvel’s newest generation and he teams these two generations together masterfully. Avengers #672 has a classic team up feel as there is a world ending threat sent to Earth from the other side of the Sun where the High Evolutionary’s Counter Earth is supposed to exist but is glaringly absent. The Avengers and the Champions combine forces to deal with the threat and then like a Golden Age Justice Society story the heroes are paired down to smaller units and sent around the world to combat the oncoming threat and also sets the stage for the rest of this crossover.

Avengers #672 was an enjoyable read as most Mark Waid stories are and Jesus Saiz’s art was a good choice since Saiz has a classic feel and the two together is an excellent combination. I don’t know where World’s Collide is going but I’m intrigued and hope that it leads to a wonderful tale and the Mark Waid Avengers run we deserve.

Verdict: Avengers #672 begins the World’s Collide storyline and is a Buy for any fan of the Avengers and the Champions as the two generations of Marvel’s heroes join together to save the Earth and set the tone for the title going forward.

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