Ninjak #0 Review

Writers: Matt Kindt & Christos Gage

Artists: Francis Portela & Tomas Giorello

Colors: Andrew Dalhouse & Diego Rodriguez

Letters: Dave Lanphear

David Mack’s Cover to Ninjak #0

Ninjak #0 is both a conclusion and a beginning. The first part of the issue sees the return of writer Matt Kindt who spent the better part of the last two years chronicling the adventures of Ninjak and delving into his previously unknown history. Kindt created an excellent action/adventure series that had a little bit of everything thrown in- espionage, mystery, sci-fi, magic, and revenge. Through it all Ninjak was a wonderful book and it was a fun read every month. Ninjak #0 opens with a recap of the series running on the bottom of the page while the top tells a tale of Ninjak on yet another mission drawing him into the black market world of weapons sales and double crosses. It’s an enjoyable montage and what a #0 issue should be, an introduction to the character but this issue also felt like a goodbye, as this is Kindt’s last Ninjak tale, at least for the foreseeable future.

The second part of the book is a prologue as the title will morph this fall as Ninjak becomes Ninja-K and Christos Gage takes over the title. Gage introduces fellow Ninja’s during his short tale that will no doubt play out over the course of his new series. The story is brief but entertaining as it is filled with action and intrigue. If this is the quality of what is to come then Ninjak or rather Ninja-K is in very good hands.

Verdict: Ninjak #0 does an excellent job of concluding the Matt Kindt era of Ninjak as well as setting up what Christos Gage will be doing with Ninja-K this fall. Both are enjoyable stories that put a wrap on what has been and establishes what will be and in my opinion a Buy for any fan of the previous Ninjak series or anyone wanting to jump onto the series.

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