Retcon #1 Review

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Retcon #1

Writer: Matt Nixon

Art: Toby Cypress

Letters: Matt Krotzer

Retcon Logo Design: Sal Cipriano

Review by Krisk

Retcon#1 dropped, and to quote the back interview with Matt Nixon:

“Without giving away too much, there’s this idea that these characters have all been in this same situation several times before. They know, or sense, that they all are reliving the series in a Groundhog’s Day scenario.”

A group of paranormal individuals reliving the same events again and again has potential to be quite interesting. The more people reliving the day, in my opinion, the more interesting it would be due to the variables of so many different personalities. The thing is, that is not the comic you get with issue #1.

Issue #1 is pretty straightforward. The narrator, Brandon Ross, is an ex barista who has been tasked by the government to use his unique paranormal skill set to help them on various missions. He is working with a member of the agency who is a “skinwalker”. He basically remotely takes over people’s bodies. This mission involves eliminating a chatty vet who worked on paranormal missions in places like Iraq. (He worked with a real Genie, which I think would be fun to read) He is blabbing about his missions to his AA group, showing pictures, and generally giving away a lot of important information.

Honestly, the story is pretty by the numbers. It was a very straightforward plot, reminiscent of Hellboy with a tinge of X-files. Not to say it wasn’t enjoyable. I love finding out what secret paranormal powers people have, and I generally enjoy the weird. It just wasn’t weird enough for me. It felt like something I would and probably have seen in movies and TV. Because of that, I found the book somewhat forgettable. That may change as this whole “retconning” starts, but for now, its pretty standard fare. The art was nice, and I liked how they revealed why the vet they are supposed to assassinate is nicknamed “Animal”. The art has some definite enjoyable moments, but it feels a little uneven sometimes. That may just be the art style Cypress is going for in this.


Pass. While this comic could get better, I can only judge what I have in this issue, and honestly, it didn’t wow me. I hope to be proven wrong, because this comic has a lot of potential, but for now, it’s not worth the cover price. That could change easily as the miniseries unfolds, but for now, its not living up to its potential.

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