Secret Empire Omega Review

Writer: Nick Spencer

Artist: Andrea Sorrentino

Additional Art: Joe Bennett, Joe Pimentel, Scott Hanna, & Rachel Rosenberg

Letters: VC’s Travis Lanham

America rebuilding after the rule of Hydra

Secret Empire Omega puts an end to Marvel’s latest and probably most controversial event. For an already inflated event that felt the need to add additional issues and felt bloated with all the accompanying mini-series and regular series tie ins I was hesitant when I saw there was yet another issue of Secret Empire. That being said I found myself enjoying Secret Empire Omega as it is an enjoyable issue and a much needed epilogue to the somewhat confusing conclusion.


The core of Secret Empire Omega is to wrap up the lingering plot threads left open at the end of Secret Empire #10, most notably what has become of Hydra Cap. The real Steve Rogers pays is evil doppelganger a visit as we find out Hydra Steve is being held in an offshore prison until the authorities can figure out what to do with him. The majority of the issue then delves into the debate of these two versions of Captain America who both believe they are right and each makes a compelling argument as to what the American Dream is and how it was so easily co-opted by an organization of hate. Andrea Sorrentino, whose artwork lends itself perfectly to this debate, beautifully illustrates this sequence and helps punch each point home. Spencer writes great dialogue but he should be thankful that Sorrentino was given this issue as in a lesser hand I’m not sure that Secret Empire Omega would be as compelling. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t comment that Marvel should, if they have not already done so, compensate Steve Englehart for the entirety of Secret Empire. Not only has Spencer used the original name and concept but now he has established a conflict between two Captain America’s that Englehart first did back in Captain America volume 1 #153 when he brought back the ‘50s Captain America as a villain. Brubaker played with this concept again during his run and now Spencer is setting up a similar dynamic going forward.

Sorrentino beautifully Illustrates the history of Hydra

Secret Empire Omega also attempts to tie up a few other plot threads left open ended in Secret Empire #10. Spencer sets up the Punisher and his being ‘tricked’ into aligning with Hydra. Bucky, the Winter Soldier is also investigating the death of the Black Widow and comes to a conclusion that hopefully plays out in an upcoming title. Joe Bennett draws these pages and they are a definite switch from Sorrentino’s but still enjoyable. I would have rather they added these pages at the end of the book and kept Sorrentino’s work together but Bennett’s pages are intermingled and it’s a bit jarring with the switch, but this is Secret Empire, an event that might be known more for it’s constant art switches rather then its controversial content.

Verdict: If you enjoyed Secret Empire the Secret Empire Omega is a definite BUY. Spencer does an admirable job of wrapping up the entirety of the event. Andrea Sorrentino does a magnificent job on the two Captains artwork and bringing Spencer’s story to the page. I don’t know where the story goes from here but I am interested, which always a sign of a good comic.

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