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Well, this is it, and this is IT: the long-awaited final entry in our series on Stephen King adaptations.

Sadly, our King-loving co-host Chris couldn’t be on the show this week (thanks a lot, Hurricane Irma), but Brian and Nick had plenty to say about director Andy Muschietti’s blockbuster effort. Is this the Stephen King movie that best captures the spirit of the bestselling novels? Can the new version of Pennywise, played by Bill Skarsgard, compete with Tim Curry’s memorable turn in the 90s TV adaptation? And, are folks really as scared of clowns as they say they are? All that and much, much more is in store in our discussion of one of the biggest horror-movie releases of all time.

Plus: Brian is blown away by the new Starsailor album and has some thoughts on the critically acclaimed rom-com The Big Sick, Nick stays up late with Nocturnal Animals, and an anecdote about snake phobia gets an, er, nutty twist ending. Float on with Talking Movies, and drop us a line (we’re on Twitter at @MoviesTalking) to let us know your thoughts on IT!

Talking Movies 143: The Stephen King Experience – IT (2017)

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