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Darkseid Special #1 Review

Written by Mark Evanier, Paul Levitz, Phil Hester and Jack Kirby

Art by Scott Kolins, Ande Parks and Jack Kirby

Colours by Dave McCaig and Dave Stewart

Reviewed by Lorna Maltman (

This is comprised of four tales, one about resistance to Darkseid on Apokolips, one on OMAC and the last two are reprints of Kirby’s work.

Mark Evanier pens the Darkseid story and he does a great job of evoking Apokolips and the looming presence of Darkseid. In addition to naturally weaving the main and side characters into the story. Evanier showcases, in these twenty-two pages, Darkseid’s character and his ruthlessness in the pursuit of power, controls and his overall goals. He does this through focusing on a rebel faction that has escaped from Granny’s orphanage and their attempt to try to evade Darkseid and his forces. This allows newer readers to not feel lost, but would not bore readers more familiar with the fourth world, rather feel like a fitting tribute to Kirby’s creation.

Levitz and Hester on the six-page OMAC (one man army corps) story is average, not as fleshed out as Evanier, but then they did have a quarter of the pages. The story has an interesting look at the character, but apart from the few lines that develop the character the story is simple and by itself not a reason to pick up this special.

Scott Kolins art gives good detail in his thicker inked art. He also gives Darkseid and his forces the menace and gravitas needed, there even appears to be a visual nod to one marvel villain who is compared to Darkseid and likes to collect gems, who is found under Darkseid’s boot, literally. Ande Parks art much like the story itself is serviceable, but nothing stunning with even OMAC’s features at times feeling simplistic.

Kirby’s reprints are a tale of the young gods of Supertown fending off Apokoliptian forces and the all-seeing eye. They are brilliant additions to this special, with everything as it was first presented giving a great reminder of why Kirby was the King.

Finally, Mark, who was an assistant to Kirby writes a letter at the end, which combined with the reprinted stories makes this special truly special.


Check it out. It’s an odd fifth week where not much is out, but at $4.99 I can’t outright say you must buy this comic. However, it is a great story that celebrates Kirby’s contributions to DC.


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