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Talking Movies episode 142: The Stephen King Experience – The Mangler

R.I.P. Tobe Hooper 1943-2017

The latest entry in our series on Stephen King adaptations is director Tobe Hooper’s 1995 film The Mangler, starring Robert Englund. We recorded this episode just a day before learning the sad news that Hooper had passed away. While, unfortunately, we weren’t able to give Hooper a proper sendoff on the show, we’re glad to have had a chance to discuss his work regardless.

This is the second annual episode we’ve recorded at night in the woods of New England on the yearly camping/canoeing trip we go on, and while the crickets aren’t quite so loud this time around, you might just hear a bit of our first-ever “live studio audience” in the background if you listen closely. Anyway, The Mangler is one of the most conceptually bonkers horror films ever made — seriously, this thing is about a laundry press that’s been possessed by demons — and we’ve got a lot to say about whether this King adaptation is a fine piece of cinema, an entertainingly “so bad it’s good” schlock-fest, or simply a waste of horror fans’ time.

Plus: Nick catches up on Game of Thrones, Chris makes a case for the little-loved comedy sequel Ted 2, and the guys briefly reassess their previous King-derived pick, Dreamcatcher.

Talking Movies 142: The Stephen King Experience – The Mangler

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