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Talking Movies mini-episode #12: They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

The movie industry is an ever-changing thing, and a lot of what we used to love, we simply don’t see anymore. In a far-ranging (and, occasionally, rather silly) discussion, Brian, Chris, and Nick look back on the types of movies that Hollywood, for whatever reason, has left behind. That includes everything from A-list star vehicles to westerns to original action movies like True Lies and The Rock. Of course, we also get into the franchise/reboot/shared universe discussion, which is one of the big reasons that the entire landscape of moviemaking has changed so much in recent years.

But, lest you think this mini-episode might veer too far into serious sociological and economic analysis of the movie industry, we also have a few laughs about asinine sequel titles, Brian and Chris sing the praises of the Melissa McCarthy flick Spy, and Nick makes an impassioned plea for more sleazy 80s-style summer camp comedies.

Plus, stay tuned for our “post-credits sequence”, in which we offer a profanity-laced analysis of the best/worst line of dialogue ever uttered by Steven Seagal!

Talking Movies mini-episode 12: They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To


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