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Trinity Annual #1 Review

Trinity Annual #1 Review

Written by Rob Williams

Art by Guillem March

Colours by Tomeu Morey

Letters by Carlos M. Mangual

Reviewed by Lorna Maltman (

This past week it was my birthday and, as I am sure everyone has, I have had both great, and not so great, presents. When I was six, I got an inflatable swimming pool from my uncle. I loved it -it had two sections, a baseball stand, a basketball hoop and a net. Once we had finally got it inflated and I was about to jump in, my heart sank. My younger brother had, in his toddler over excitement, decided to bite several holes in the inflatable. My present, which had so much promise, had been ruined. This is how I feel about the Trinity annual, unfortunately.

Trinity starts out with Circe trying to convince Ra’s al Ghul that they, along with Luthor, are linked just like the Trinity after the revealed carvings in issue #7. This meeting is interrupted by Jason Blood or Etrigan the rhyming demon, which leads to Etrigan being plunged into the mysterious Pandora pits and then separated from Jason and unleashed on the world. This, of course, causes chaos and before Jason confronted Circe and Ra’s he called the Trinity, so they appear and do what they do best.

Williams does a decent job, but I found some of the characters’ dialogue came off too clunky, especially compared to their portrayal in their solo books or even the previous issues of Trinity. Even when the dialogue is not awkward, I felt I had heard it before such as the fact that the Trinity were stronger together – it has been pointed out a thousand times and often in a more artful and interesting way. However, Williams brings some fun character moments out in the annual, especially with Etrigan, and does well in setting up who the villain Trinity will be encountering next.

Guillem March’s art is hit or miss in this issue as some panels are great, dynamic and emotive, whilst in others, the characters look stiff with facial expressions or features that just don’t seem to fit. Morey’s colours are vibrant, but they can’t make up for the, at times, lacklustre pencils.

Verdict: Pass. This is an average comic at best and one that you most likely have read before, the only difference is the addition of the villain Trinity and their machinations, but that does not progress much even in this annual. Unless you’re a completionist, or just want an action packed issue, this comic is not worth the price.

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