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‘Supergirl S02E22: Nevertheless, She Persisted’ Review

Have you ever wanted to see Supergirl fight Superman before? That’s what this week’s Supergirl starts out with. Rhea use silver kryptonite on him and he’s seeing Supergirl as Zod. It’s an intense battle and the CGI isn’t always great at times during it, but the moment seems to trump that. Supergirl manages to knock Superman out, but who knows for how long.

Supergirl "Nevertheless, She Persisted"
Photo Credit: The CW

While laying in bed, Mon-El makes a comment about Kara being the “woman of tomorrow.” Anyone who knows a bit about the comics knows that Superman is the man of tomorrow. It’s a dream sequence, but it’s a nice little nod to the comics. Supergirl then wakes up in the Fortress of Solitude, as does Superman. He comes to and is no longer under the spell of the silver kryptonite.

Lena gets a visit from Lillian and she’s blaming herself for what is happening. Lillian pays her a compliment and then wants to have her work on something Lex built to save the day. It’s one of the few nice mother-daughter moments that the two have ever had. It might even be the only one.

Lena and Lillian have a way to get rid of the Daxamites, but Mon-El would also have to leave. Supergirl tells them to start working and still hasn’t told Lena who she really is. It’s starting to feel like that’s not going to go over well when Lena finds out, even though I hope she’d be able to understand. Supergirl and Superman then go spar so she can be sure she’s ready for Rhea. It turns into a heartfelt talk, though, that gives Superman an extra little moment to shine.

The battle between Rhea and Supergirl comes about halfway through the episode. Of course, Rhea doesn’t keep up her end of the bargain and starts to destroy the city. It wasn’t much of a surprising move since she’s been pulling the same kind of stunts every time she appears in the show. After all of the time Mon-El talked about being a hero, he finally plays the role of one.

M’gann returns in more than one way this episode. First, J’onn sees her while he’s still knocked out. Later, she bring an army of white martians to help fight. Despite that, the Daxamites are just too much for them to handle and Supergirl uses the remote to Lena’s device to take them all out. It’s nice to see Rhea turned into ashes, but painful to watch Kara say goodbye to Mon-El (even if I was never a huge fan of the two being together).

Supergirl "Nevertheless, She Persisted"
Photo Credit: The CW

Clark has to get himself home, but gives Kara another nice speech before he goes. M’gann let’s J’onn know that there are a lot of other white martians who regret what happened. Their connection is so strong that she just knew he needed some extra help. Then, Alex goes to talk to her and tries to help her, but Kara just wants her to spend time with Maggie. She ends up going to Cat Grant to talk things out and Cat has plenty to say to her. Apparently she’s been keeping tabs on Kara and her work. Also, is anyone surprised that Cat Grant figured out she’s Supergirl, too?

The cliff hanger for the season finale is… who else was sent away from Krypton as it was destroyed?

The Good

  • Kara doing the right thing even if she knows it’ll come at a cost to her
  • Superman and Supergirl team up
  • More Cat Grant

The Bad

  • Supergirl is the only one who doesn’t seem to be allowed to be happy

Favorite Lines

  • “Yeah, and Darth Vader actually punches out the good guys.” – Kara to Cat
  • “I don’t like you!” – Winn to Lillian

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