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‘The Flash S03E22: Infantino Street’ Review

The Flash returns with it’s penultimate episode for season three. The team is down to the wire on figuring out how to save Iris. Iris gets Barry to go find her caviar after midnight and she makes a video for him to find later. Cisco and Barry go to meet Lyla to tell her that A.R.G.U.S. has the technology they need to save Iris. It is technology from the Dominators and the attack the unleashed on Earth.

It’s always nice to see one of the rogues return and in this episode, we get Leonard Snart. Since he’s technically dead in the present, we’ll see if this has any consequence down the line. However, his presence is a welcome one and who else would you want by your side when stealing something? They have a fun time when Barry disguises himself as Lyla and brings Snart in as a “prisoner” to the facility.

The Flash "Infantino Street"
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Wally, Joe, and Iris head to Earth 2 to hide out in their lab with Harry. The father-daughter moment we get between Joe and Iris is fun to watch, but also heartbreaking when Iris has Joe take her wedding ring. It’s a brief moment, but Joe is just so good at the dad moments in this show.

When Barry and Snart come across King Shark, Snart is the one who persuades Barry not to kill him and just knock him out. Despite being a bad guy, Snart understands that there’s something important about Barry staying one of the good guys. He also provides some comedic relief with his love of Shark Week. Things go a little off track when Snart is trapped in the room with King Shark. Lyla catches them but gives them the power source anyway since he risked everything to save Snart. Compassion reigns in this episode and it’s the main thing that is going to give the team a chance to keep Iris alive.

Team Flash thinks Barry is back, but really it’s Savitar and HR blurts out where Iris is. Savitar reveals himself to Iris, Joe, and Harry on Earth 2. This was a nice little trick for him to pull towards the end of the episode, however, it still feels like they’ve stretched this story out far too long this season. Emotions are high once Iris is taken, but Barry keeps his head on straight so they can figure this out.

Earlier in the episode, we see Killer Frost ask if Savitar really wants to kill Iris. Then Cisco has a vibe where Killer Frost says they need to talk. After last episode, we knew there was still some hope from her. She even refers to herself as Caitlin in this episode, which is a nice touch by the writers to let this play out. Sadly, they still have her and Cisco fight and it continues to feel like a poor use of her character.

It’s a little disappointing that we’ve seen this day coming for a while now and despite bringing in a new person with Tracy, they couldn’t change anything. It still feels like something will change with one more episode left in the season, but it’s hard to tell. However, this was a decent episode thanks to Snart’s role in it.


  • Great seeing Snart again. This show needs more of the rogues back.
  • The future didn’t change, but it still feels like something has to since we’ve already seen future Barry in a huge slump.

Favorite Lines

  • “Reminds me of JAWS. They didn’t show the shark because they couldn’t afford to make it look good.” – Leonard Snart
  • “If Cisco saves my life, tell him I’ll put in a good word with my sister.” – Leonard Smart

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