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‘Supergirl S02E21: Resist’ Review

“Resist” picks up with Rhea keeping Lena on her ship. Rhea’s delusions are fully intact. It then goes straight into the action with some kickass scenes from Maggie and Alex back-to-back. From the first scene, you realize how easy it is to hate Rhea and pretty much everything she stands for. This isn’t new, but this episode really solidifies it.

Another not-so-loved character appears when Lillian Luthor walks into the bar that team Supergirl is hiding out in. Despite the fact that Lillian is actually being reasonable (for once), the team initially doesn’t want to work with her. President Marsdin and Cat Grant both make their returns in this episode. It really feels like they were pulling out all of the stops in this episode. Rhea takes the President’s plane down, which had Cat Grant in it, and Supergirl is only able to save Cat. However, they see the President’s true form when she gets up off the ground and casually moves a giant piece of plane debris off of her.

Supergirl "Resist"
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Lynda Carter, Brenda Strong, Calista Flockhart, and Teri Hatcher all play strong characters. While the storyline is getting a bit redundant with Rhea, having all these characters in one episode makes it a bit more tolerable. Cat Grant gives Supergirl a great speech that persuades her to go save Lena and Mon-El. This requires her to head to Lillian Luthor for help, though. Alex plays the protecter well, but comes around to the idea of saving Lena and Mon-El.

Cat Grant tell National City that “everyone needs to be a Supergirl” and resist. Lillian, however, is back to her old tricks and left Supergirl and Mon-El on the ship. However, she has a way to get Mon-El back since Winn bugged Cyborg Superman. Cat Grant is great with the speeches in this episode and it really was nice to have her back. She also immediately knows that Guardian is James, which is a fun little moment.

The canon is destroyed before Alex can activate and shoot it. Superman even makes an appearance at the very end. I’ll admit, though, I’m a little bummed that the Rhea storyline will continue. It’s been a slow burn and it feels like it could have just ended in this episode. However, it will be interesting to see just how much Superman we get next episode and if Cat Grant will still be around.

The Good

  • Cat Grant is back
  • A lot of string female characters in this episode
  • Superman makes a timely appearance

The Bad

  • Rhea storyline feels like it’s dragging on too long

Favorite Lines

“You could just say ‘I told you so.’” – Winn to Lillian

“Well at least tell me you’re still a democrat” – Cat to the President

“Do your thing R2.” – Supergirl to Cyborg Superman

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