Eternal Warrior: Awakening #1 Review

Written by Robert Venditti

Art by Renato Guedes

Colors by Ulises Arreola

Letters by Dave Sharpe

Review by Jason Kahler

An axe to the head, a fall from a cliff, and a plunge into a raging river are enough to end the average man.

But Gilad Anni-Padda isn’t an average man. He’s the fist of steel and earth. Chosen of the Earth Mother to be the Eternal Warrior.

And there’s fighting to be done.

In Eternal Warrior: Awakening  #1, Gilad sets off to find the Fell Legion and kill its leader, Alpha Hyamm. Hyamm is a bad dude, the sort of fellow who sits on a throne made of the bones of his defeated enemies.

Alpha Hyamm Throne
Alpha Hyamm sits on his bone throne, now available from IKEA

Battle and bluster unfold. The book ends with the promise of further adventure, and with Gilad callously abandoning his wife (for her own good, he decides).

Eternal Warrior: Awakening doesn’t ask a lot of its readers. The art is good. The dialogue feels appropriately Conan-esque. Colorist Ulises Arreola chooses brightness and vibrancy over darkness, a welcome approach that adds a great deal to the book’s overall look.

The Verdict

If loin cloths and axe play are your thing, this book is a buyEternal Warrior: Awakening #1 knows what it wants to be, and its comfortable in its own skin.

Jason Kahler is a writer and scholar who lives in Michigan. His latest work is forthcoming in the book "How to Read and Analyze Comics" from SequArt. His poem, "After National Geographic," will soon appear in an issue of Analog…

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