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‘Supergirl S02E20: City of Lost Children’ Review

Supergirl receives a different kind of threat from Rhea on this week’s episode. She’s teamed up with Lena to create a portal. The only problem is that it also takes control of some of the aliens on Earth when it’s powered up and causes complete mayhem. James, under the guise of Guardian, finds a boy named Marcus. His mom was the first alien to cause destruction in this episode and the team tries to find her.

Supergirl "City of Lost Children"
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Rhea is a bit over the top, but Teri Hatcher plays the character well. She makes for an interesting villain and the tension of her being Mon-El’s mother gives him a storyline boost, too. What is a bummer, though, is the fact that Lena can’t seem to keep herself out of troubling partnerships lately. She called Kara to ask about Rhea in a previous episode, but because Kara was preoccupied, she went ahead with the partnership anyway.

I’ve never really been a fan of James as Guardian since they introduced him and this episode strengthened that feeling. James complains about not being a symbol of hope like Supergirl and Superman are. It really feels like the show is trying to push him as a hero and it’s taking away from much better storylines, especially when they have a group of strong female characters in this. This episode, though, they do redeem James a little by having him just be himself when he’s with Marcus. Kara was right when she said he didn’t need to go fight crime to be a hero. There’s so much he could be doing just as himself. However, we do see Guardian in the preview for next episode. Cat Grant is also in the preview, though, so that should be a plus.

Overall, this episode was a bit middle of the road for me. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t one of the better episodes, either.

The Good

  • Lena and Kara having lunch at the beginning of the episode
  • Supergirl fighting Rhea

The Bad

  • James complaining about being Guardian when before he was complaining about not doing more to stop crime
  • Lena not being more suspicious of Rhea having her phone

Favorite Lines

  • “I could go with them. I have a mobile version of that telekinetic dampener. It should have plenty of juice to keep Marcus and his mom from going all Carrie.” – Winn

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