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Batman #22 Review

Batman #22

Story by Tom King and Joshua Williamson

Script by Joshua Williamson

Pencils and Inks by Jason Fabok

Colours by Brad Anderson

Letters by Deron Bennett

Reviewed by Lorna Maltman (

Contains Some Spoilers ( Not including end reveal)

This third part of the button crossover is my favourite so far, and I have enjoyed the previous two issues. This issue starts off with a quick summary of flashpoint from Thomas Wayne’s perspective, where he then goes on to question why this universe still exists and that Wonder Woman and Aquaman have teamed up to take him down. Thomas’ brooding is interrupted by the Flash and Batman (the end of Flash #21) and then Atlantean and Amazonian warriors enter the Bat cave. So, Flash must rebuild the cosmic treadmill and the father-son Batman team must fight the warriors. Flash and Bruce take off on the cosmic treadmill while the Flashpoint universe is being destroyed. However, whilst in the speed force, they come across something they didn’t expect.

In this issue, WIlliamson has crafted some emotional dialogue, especially in the conversation between Bruce and Thomas, where maybe, just maybe Bruce might have got some closure. This issue proves that Williamson knows how to write not just a great Flash, but a great Batman. Furthermore, at the end of the issue, it feels like the characters and us readers will finally get some answers to what exactly is going on and the tease is done excellently by King and Williamson.

Fabok’s art, as usual, is stunning, bringing the DC house style but stepped up a level. The scenes of Flashpoint universe being destroyed are particularly noteworthy, with a great use of colours by Brad Anderson.


Buy. Look if you have bought the previous two you most likely have got this one, however I think it is worth saying that this issue mixes emotion with plot beautifully and is definitely worth picking up if you’re a Batman fan, DC fan, wanting to find out what the heck is going on in the DC universe or if you are just a fan of amazing art.

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