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‘The Flash S03E20: I Know Who You Are’ Review

Last week’s episode of The Flash let us know that we’d be finding out Savitar’s identity soon. That comes in this episode, but there’s a lot to cover before we get there. First, there’s the fact that Killer Frost is working with Savitar. Then, there’s Tracy Brand, the scientist who helps future Barry trap Savitar. This episode also brings us some more time between Joe and Cecile.

It doesn’t take Team Flash long to find Tracy, but Savitar sends Killer Frost after her, too. The team gets her to the lab, but she takes off to go clear her head, which worries them. Her skepticism and fear make her a nice addition to this episode. HR shines when giving her pep talks throughout the episode. She adds a little more hope to this episode.

The Flash I Know Who You Are
Photo Credit: The CW

Killer Frost takes Cecil hostage and wants to exchange her for Tracy. This finally brings the Cisco and Killer Frost showdown that’s been lingering since the first time the two run into each other this episode. It’s understandable that Cisco wouldn’t want to hurt her, but it also makes things drag on longer than need be.

Joe and Cecil had the most productive scenes in this episode. This is a big opportunity for Joe to finally move on from his first marriage. He lets Cecil in and she doesn’t run away from the complications. It’s refreshing to see something go right for a couple in a more natural way in this show. A good chunk of the emotion comes from these two.

Now, onto the Savitar reveal. By the end of the episode it was obvious who it would be. They gave little hints throughout the episode and had Barry run through every encounter in his head prior to confronting Savitar. The reveal might have been obvious, but it’s also disappointing. The Flash started off strong in it’s first season and hasn’t been quite as good since. Hopefully the show can make the last few episodes worthwhile.


  • A lot of great moments between Joe and Cecil
  • HR brings the charm
  • Savitar reveal is disappointing

Favorite Line

  • “Love is the only thing that makes the fight worth it. And it’s the only thing that’s gonna get us through it.” – Barry to Joe

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