‘Supergirl S02E19: Alex’ Review

The latest episode of Supergirl is simply titled “Alex.” Maggie is talking some bank robbers down when Supergirl comes to save the day. The struggle between Maggie and Supergirl is an understandable one and the tension at the dinner table just heightens that. The next morning, Maggie goes to Catco to see Kara since she never heard back from Alex. This is where we find out why this episode is titled “Alex.” She’s taken by someone who knows who Kara is and the stakes are high when it comes to family for Kara.

Supergirl "Alex"
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Last episode, Rhea confronted Lena in her office and this episode picks up with the proposal Rhea brought her. Teri Hatcher plays the role of Rhea so well. She’s vindictive and a flat out liar, even more so in this episode than the first one she appeared in. Her ability to spin the truth to fit her end game is astonishing. Lena spots the danger in time this episode, without needing Supergirl’s help. She’s growing as a character this season and it’s

Maggie, J’onn, and Kara visit Peter Thompson in prison. J’onn uses his mind reading abilities to find out what he knows and Winn finds out that he has a son. Kara knows who the son, Rick Malverne, is since they went to school together. Rick is by no means an intimidating guy, but his leverage of having Alex is enough to make Supergirl keep her cool.

Floriana Lima shines in this episode. Her tension with Supergirl gets set aside (a little) as soon as Alex goes missing. It shows how much she loves Alex and how her and Kara/Supergirl have that in common. Her and J’onn try to trick him into telling them where she is by disguising himself as Peter. However, Rick doesn’t fall for it. Good thing Alex gets her tracker working again so they have some idea of where she is.

Kara’s determination to get Alex back is unwavering the entire episode. Maggie chooses the more calm approach and tries to extract the information. It’s hard to say one of them is right in this situation and the other isn’t. Despite being stuck in a cell filling up with water, Alex puts on a brave face. She has a heartbreaking moment with Maggie as they talk through the camera.

Supergirl "Alex"
Photo Credit: The CW

Two great storylines happen simultaneously in this episode. Rhea just doesn’t give up and continues to prod Lena into working with her. Lena calls Kara, but Kara says she’ll call her back without giving a reason why. Rick pushes all of the right buttons with Maggie and she goes to break Peter out. Supergirl intervenes and Peter gives them the location Rick would take Alex to.

Emotions run high in this episode and it makes for one of the better episodes of the season. The cast provided fantastic performances all around.

The Good

  • More Alex and Maggie time
  • Kara and Maggie make up in the end

The Bad

  • Lena deciding to work with Rhea (How does Lena keep getting herself into troubling situations?)

Favorite Line

  • “That was really clever with the whole Navy Seal thing and your pants.” – Maggie

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