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‘The Flash S03E19: The Once and Future Flash’ Review

The Flash starts off with Barry figuring out which year he needs to travel to. A good chunk of this episode is spent in the year 2024. In this future, Savitar kills Iris and Barry disbands team Flash. Things look pretty dire when Barry arrives, but hi being his optimistic self, he convinces future Barry to get back to being the Flash.

Before Barry heads off to the future, though, Iris makes him promise that he’ll be there for Joe no matter what. After seeing that future him did the exact opposite, he’s determined to keep that promise. From that scene, the show moves on to where the last episode ended. Killer Frost is wrecking havoc in Star Labs and Barry arrives just in time to keep her from killing Cisco, HR, and Julian.

The Flash The Once and Future Flash
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Sometimes, it’s hard to believe Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost, simply because of how she’s played Caitlin all along. She’s never really shown any true anger as Caitlin and to see the switch flip so drastically is slightly unbelievable. However, I do like the fact that there’s a higher chance we’ll be seeing more of a focus on her.

Heading back to the future, seeing Mirror Master and Top again adds a nice touch to the episode. I really enjoyed their first appearance and this one is just as good, if not better. They’re confused when Barry appears and their powers have improved since he most recently fought them. That’s no surprise since several years have gone by. Future Cisco still has that same charm about him and despite losing his powers, it was smart for the writers to let him remain hopeful. While he dupes Barry into staying a little longer, he does so with good intentions. I must say, I loved Barry and future Cisco’s interactions this episode. Cisco never truly gave up and still continues to dazzle with his expertise and gadgets.

Overall, this was a solid episode and a nice way to bring back the show after a break. Barry is as determined as ever and I can’t wait to see if the future stay the same or if the team finds a way to change it. Even if Barry doesn’t find out Savitar’s identity, we know that Killer Frost does and it’s at least a start.


  • Not a fan of future Barry’s hair style. Just as bad as when they did something similar with Bruce’s clone on Gotham.
  • Future Cisco is still great!
  • Nice to see Barry doesn’t lose his determination by seeing the direness of his future.

Favorite Lines

  • “…I saw you fighting Top and Mirror Master in your OG suit, with the white emblem, 2017 edition, of course.” – Cisco
  • “I don’t know, it looks a little tacky from over here, but I am old fashioned.” – Barry to Top

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