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Talking Movies Mini-Episode #9: Chasing Kevin

Hot on the heels of their discussion of Kevin Smith’s Clerks 2, the guys take a wide-angle approach to the New Jersey auteur’s filmography, which Brian and Nick first discovered in their adolescent years and Chris only caught up with later on.

Along with their thoughts on such View Askew classics as Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma, the guys share some personal encounters with man himself, take a look back at the little-seen (but Chris-approved) Red State, and reflect on the overall career of a much-loved but often divisive filmmaker (and podcaster!) who carved out something like an empire on the strength of a little black-and-white movie about slackers and snowballing. All that, plus Nick and Brian nearly come to blows over Yoga Hosers, a movie that neither of them has seen and probably never will. Check it out, and remember, a schooner IS a sailboat, stupid-head!

Talking Minis Episode 9: Chasing Kevin


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