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‘The Flash S03E18: Abra Kadabra’ Review

The Flash introduces us to Abra Kadabra. The episode adds a little to the Savitar story, but we don’t get an actual appearance from him. Abra Kadabra is from the future and goes around to various tech companies to steal the pieces he needs to build a time machine. He claims to know who Savitar is, but the team is never able to find out. Gypsy returns this episode in search of Abra Kadabra. He seems to leave a trail of bodies wherever he goes and neither Gypsy nor the team are thrilled about it. But, they both want their shot at him to get what they want.

This episode lets Abra Kadabra have some fun with being a villain. However, he mostly just dangled his knowledge of Savitar over the team for a good chunk of it. It put a little bit of a damper on the character, but it’s a decent debut, nonetheless. Barry, Wally, Cisco, and Gypsy all go after Abra Kadabra, only to find out they’ve chased a hologram. Instead, he’s really at STAR Labs and Caitlin is able to get a distress signal out just in time for Barry to catch him.

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Caitlin is given a chance to show off her talents in this episode, albeit in a harsh way. After an explosion, she ends up with shrapnel near her kidney and she stays awake to walk Julian through the surgery. It’s a nice moment that she doesn’t often get, but of course it ended with her flatlining and Julian pulling off her necklace so she can heal. One would think they could have just taken the necklace off briefly so she could heal and then put it back on before she went too far into becoming Killer Frost. Of course, that’s not what happens, but at least it looks like we’ll see some more of her in the near future.

Wally and HR don’t make too prominent of an appearance this episode. Wally briefly helps out and HR just disappeared for a couple days without telling anyone where he was. Cisco was worried about him, but it was interesting that no one asked where HR was until then. However, it was nice to see Wally just be around instead of having a huge focus on his progress and his training.

Overall, this was a good episode that somewhat stepped away from Savitar without actually doing so. He’s mentioned throughout and is a focus, but all the team is doing is trying to get information on him instead of actively going after him and finding a way to stop him.


  • We learn from Abra Kadabra that Savitar was the first speedster
  • Some nice moments between Gypsy and Cisco again
  • Joe continues to play the excellent dad role
  • Nice debut for Abra Kadabra

Favorite Lines

  • “It looks like things between you and Julian are a little… frosty.” – Cisco
  • “You going soft on me Julian?” – Caitlin

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