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Issue #278: GIANT-SIZED EDITION: Iron Fist, PWakaH, and Rian Sygh

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SPECIAL GIANT-SIZED ISSUE!!! Steve is in the Captain’s Chair!!!

The Talking Comics crew sits down with Rian Sygh, one of 2016’s break-out artists who is currently wrapping up Backstagers with James Tynion IV for BOOM! Studios. Rian and the crew talk comics (obvi), influences, anime, manga, Zelda, and upcoming projects.

You can find more of Rian’s work at and!!!

Also, Steve and Joey share their thoughts on the latest addition to the Netflix Marvel Universe, IRON FIST, which dropped last weekend. ‘Nuff said…

Also also, Bob regales the gang with his adventures during the returning ICON 2017!!!

And, of course, tons of talk about last week’s comics, including some tear-jerking scenes in Ms. Marvel and Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat!






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