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Issue #276: America, Royal City, and LOGAN

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The gang’s all here and dives deep into some really dynamic, really exciting new comics!!! Talking points on this week’s Talking Comics include (but are not limited to):

  • The punching-stars-in-the-multiverse former-young-avenger America Chavez gets her own ongoing series…How was Gabby Rivera and Joe Quinones’ debut issue of America???
  • Jeff Lemire dropped a new Jeff-Lemire-y book called Royal City…
  • There’s been a lot of Arthurian re-imaginings over the last few years, but what if “Arthur” was a chess-playing teenage girl named Rani???
  • And much comics!!!

Also, there was this little movie called LOGAN that hit the cinemas last week. Mara and Joey drop their HOT TAKES on the “end” of the Wolverine film era in this episode!!!


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