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‘The Flash S03E13: Attack on Gorilla City’ Review

The two part Gorilla City event starts this week on The Flash. Last episode, we saw Jesse come back and this episode starts with her giving us the full story on Harry going missing. Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Julian travel to Earth-2 while Wally and Jesse stay behind to take care of Central City. The team finds out about Solovar when Grodd captures them and he wants Barry to defeat him in battle.

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Being a show on the CW, The Flash doesn’t have quite the same budget as some of the big network shows, so it’s amazing that we’re even seeing Gorilla Grodd again as a CGI character. Not only do we get Grodd, but we get Solovar, who Barry ends up fighting. In the fighting ring, we get an idea of just how many gorillas there are in the city. However, the slow motion effects during the fight didn’t look too great. That’s the only part that really felt overdone.

Barry makes the moral choice to not kill. Grodd takes over as leader and it turns out he’s the one who wants to attack Central City. He wants Cisco to open a breach for him. The team decides to fake Barry’s death to get him out of the cage and allow the others to escape. They manage to get back to Earth-1 in time.

While they were over in Earth-2, Jesse and Wally get a bit of screen time with mostly Wally stopping a robbery. This leads to them having a talk about their relationship and Wally wanting Jesse to move to Earth-1. Jesse decides to take the next step and move to Earth-1. It’s a big step for them and it will be interesting if the speedster gets added to the mix with the team regularly.

It was nice to see Harry back in the mix and it’s still outstanding how great of an actor Tom Cavanagh is. Overall, this was a great episode and it leaves a lot to look forward to in the second half of the event.


  • More Grodd was a great choice
  • Slow motion effects were a little over the top
  • Jesse and Wally working things out was a nice addition

Favorite Line

  • Are you going to planet of the apes? – Julian to Barry

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