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Super Sons #1 Review

Story and Words: Peter J. Tomasi
Artist: Jorge Jimenez
Colorist: Alejandro Sanchez
Letterer: Rob Leigh

After getting a glimpse of Damian and John together in SupermanSuper Sons allows readers to dive deeper into the stories of these young boys. While we don’t see their past, we instantly see how Damian grows bored with his studies and Jon stands up to bullies without using his powers the way he wishes to. There’s a lot to enjoy in a comic about Robin and Superboy.

Super Sons #1

Peter J. Tomasi crafts an excellent story for the two boys. Damian is able to let loose a bit (but not too much because he is Batman’s kid, after all). Jon is still learning more about his powers. He’s unable to fly and Damian pokes fun at him for it. Tomasi allows for the two boys to be themselves while not being under the direct guidance of their parents. So it’s safe to say that they’ll be doing things their parents won’t exactly approve of while they’re out romping about.

Jorge Jimenez focuses on the boys in a way that lets you know what they’re feeling without needing the words to go along with it. There’s a scene where Jon asks Damian why he didn’t get his doctorate in Geology when he was seven and Damian responds with “Because my mother killed my professor and dumped him in the ocean.” The next panel is just Damian giving Jon a look that tells him that he is serious about it. It isn’t a huge moment, but it’s one of the little things you can appreciate from an artist. His art paired with the coloring from Alejandro Sanchez works well for this comic.

This issue is a joy to read from start to finish. Although, the opening prologue is a little odd, but as soon as it jumps into Robin and Superboy, it engulfs you with glee. Much like Batman and Superman, the two boys aren’t a whole lot alike. However, with them still being kids, this comic could allow them to trust each other more than Batman and Superman do.

Verdict: Buy! This was a fun read and if you are interested in either of the boys, you’ll likely agree. They have a chance to forge a great bond between these two characters. I’ll definitely be along for the ride, especially if it continues to be this entertaining.

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