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On a freewheeling episode of Talking Movies, the guys wrap up their survey of director Brian De Palma with a look at one of his most critically acclaimed films, the 1980 thriller Dressed to Kill. That may be the main event, but this ep’s got one hell of an undercard, too! Our latest On the Burner segment considers filmmakers who have made — or should make — the jump to TV series, we revisit some (perhaps justifiably) forgotten movies from the early 2000s, and somehow the discussion even, er, derails toward the oddly specific genre of railroad-themed kids’ TV shows.

Plus, learn which star of Rio Bravo Brian had always wanted to see naked (hint: it’s not Walter Brennan, or at least, it’s not ONLY Walter Brennan), what Nick loved best about Street Fighter II, and what is perhaps the worst way imaginable that one can smuggle a Snickers bar into a movie theater. Serious film discussion meets sophomoric humor? Yeah, that’s us.

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Talking Movies Episode 125: Dressed to Kill (and Headed to the Small Screen)


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