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‘Supergirl S02E12: Luthors’ Review

Supergirl focuses it’s attention on the Luthors this week. While we still don’t see Lex, he’s mentioned throughout by Lillian. The episode opens with a flashback showing how Lena came to live with the Luthors. In the present, the gang is together and Alex decides to come out to the entire group. It surprises James and Winn, but J’onn makes the comment “I’m psychic.” It’s a little concerning that no one thinks anything of J’onn already reading her mind to know, but at least he’s someone they trust… I suppose.

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The meat of this episode is about whether or not Lena is guilty of getting synthetic Kryptonite to Metallo while he’s in prison. It allows him to break him and Lillian out of custody during her trial. The way they write out his character in this episode works well with the storyline and doesn’t feel forced. Kara is the only one on the team who believes Lena is innocent and in this instance she is. As a viewer, I still have my doubts with her when we see her examining the old chess set she used to use when playing against Lex.

There’s a lot of good action in this episode with Supergirl, J’onn, and Guardian all going up against Metallo at some point. Cyborg Superman also makes another appearance as a personal bodyguard for Lillian. He forces Lena to open up one of the hidden containers in what looks to be a huge warehouse full of Lex’s various projects. Only a Luthor can access it and since Lillian married in, it’s the only reason she needs Lena. It’s hard to tell if Lena is buying into anything Lillian says, but in the end, she ends up saved by Supergirl (with help from J’onn).

Moving away from the main plot, there’s still plenty of awkward moments between Kara and Mon-El. At the end of the episode, she gives her and Mon-El a chance to see if things between them will work. They’re having a moment until it’s rudely interrupted by none other then Mr. Mxyzptlk. He immediately confesses his love for Kara and that’s what we’re left with. However, we also get a nice moment with Kara and James as they decide to go back to being friends instead of always trying to protect each other, which as we all saw, was causing a lot of tension.

Overall, the main plot was solid and there’s a lot of personal advancements for the characters on the side.

The Good

  • Alex comes out to the group and they all take it extremely well.
  • Kara and James will have game nights again
  • Lena is very good at tip-toeing the line between being good and evil

The Bad

  • Kara ending up with Mon-El (why???)

Favorite Lines

  • “It’s geometry with sticks, folks. Pool is easy.” – Winn
  • “Are you ever going to let me win?” – James to Kara about game night

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