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All-Star Batman #7 Review

Script: Scott Snyder
Pencils, Inks, Colors: Tula Lotay
Art: Francesco Francavilla
Letters: Steve Wands

All-Star Batman tackles a Poison Ivy story in it’s 7th issue. Scott Snyder mentioned that he has a lot to offer still and this series proves that to be true. He has stories involving a lot of the rogues we see involved with Batman and this issue is a one-off that tells a nice little story while still keeping some continuity. Freeze released a virus and Poison Ivy is the only one who can come up with an antidote for it.

All-Star Batman #7

There’s no question that Snyder can craft a story. His writing here let’s the various aspects of Poison Ivy shine. She gives Batman a kiss so he’ll do the fighting when a group of armed soldiers come for her. They likely aren’t soldiers in the military, but rather ones privately paid off. However, that’s not what is important to this story. Batman tricks Ivy and ultimately gets her to help, which was his end goal to begin with. There’s some clever banter between the two and it really makes the story work. The issue is pretty dialogue heavy, though, but it’s worth it.

Tula Lotay took on the art for the Poison Ivy portion of this issue and it’s absolutely fantastic. On the credit page, she weaves in intricate maps in the background as Poison Ivy drives along. Describing it doesn’t do it justice, it’s something you absolutely need to see for yourself. The watercolor style also works well with the desert scenes. It truly is a great piece of work. Usually I focus on the stories, but if anything, be sure to give this a shot for the art.

“The Cursed Wheel” continues as the secondary story with it’s 6th installment. Francesco Francavilla takes over on art on this and it’s a clean look. The colors pop and really puts focus on the oranges and greens. Duke’s story continues and Snyder is doing his character justice with these stories. It’s a nice little break from the Batman centric focus, even if he appears in these. You feel the struggle within Duke every time he’s on the page. It’s been a great story to follow along with.

Verdict: Buy. This issue is all around a pleasure to read. The art is fantastic for both stories and it’s absolutely with your time. Snyder continues to impress me with the number of stories he has left in him.

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