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‘Supergirl S02E10: We Can Be Heroes’ Review

“We Can Be Heroes” packs a lot into one episode. For a quick run down: Kara finds out the identity of Guardian, Miss Martian nearly dies, Mon-El tells Kara about his feelings for her, James and Winn receive disapproval from Kara. Now, that’s not everything that happens this episode, but it’s what revolves around the main characters. In this episode, Livewire also makes an appearance. Instead of being the villain, she’s the victim for once.

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The episode has it’s brighter moments, like when Mon-El is excited to be improving with his training right at the start of the episode. There’s also nice little moments between Alex and Maggie without any drama surrounding those two characters (and they’re the only drama-free ones this episode). It’s a nice little break for what feels like a heavier episode than we usually get with Supergirl.

We’ve seen Supergirl stressed out and upset, but this episode takes it a bit further. She exchanges some harsh words with James after finding out he’s Guardian and doesn’t think he’s cut out to be a hero because he’s human and all. At the end, there’s a similar conversation between her, James, and Winn where she again expresses her disapproval. And let’s not forget that she briefly lashes out on Mon-El and calls him out about having feelings for her. It’s unlike her to be this upset. Even when she’s fighting against the worst of the worst, we haven’t seen her act this way. She’s usually a bright spot in the show and optimistic. However, it’s not the end of the world that she’s upset about this. It’s understandable, but she just handles it in a not-so-great way.

Aside from that, J’onn has his own lashing out when he says that Miss Martian should die for everything she and the white martians did. Thankfully, he comes to his senses and decides to help her out instead of just letting her die. She saved his life and it’s a nice moment to see him saving hers. Also, she’s no longer holed up in the DEO and can go back to her life. There is a slight problem with that, though. The white martians are coming for her. It’s a nice set up for the next episode, and doesn’t take more than a few minutes out of this episode for it.

All in all, this was a different but good episode. It’s not the best and it’s not the worst. I’d call this one right in the middle of the road.

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The Good

  • Kara doesn’t seem interested in Mon-El for the time being. It’s great that they’re not forcing another love interest on her.
  • Alex and Maggie are going strong.
  • James not giving up the Guardian mantle just because Kara disapproves.

The Bad

  • Winn and Guardian going against the DEO and Kara instead of working with them to find Livewire was a pretty bad idea.

Favorite Line

  • “Can I go back to pushing my buttons and things…?” – Winn to J’onn after he’s told that if he lies again, he’s fired.

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