Animosity: The Rise #1 Review

Written by Marguerite Bennett (@EvilMarguerite)

Art by Juan Doe (@juandoe)

Letters by Marshall Dillon (@MarshallDillon)

Animosity is series that follows a nightmare scenario in which one day the animals “wake up” and rebel against humanity for all the suffering they have caused.

Animosity: The Rise takes place in San Francisco and follows the moment that the animals woke up in that city. The rats have started their carnage and take over of San Francisco while other animals are determined protect certain humans.

The premise is dark and dystopian, but that doesn’t stop Bennett and Doe from finding humor in the dreadful disposition humanity finds themselves in. A crab rising up against a seagull who they feel has oppressed them through their defecation from the sky is hysterical and adds levity. Though certain animals are attempting to protect humans, and vice versa, which creates a rift amongst the animals.

The animals are drawn to take most of the space of certain pages like a wolf who is staged larger in reference to Mr. North, a character that attempted to bandage and save a seal hurt in an onslaught from the dolphins. Power is demonstrated through size and the predominant use of reds and purples casting a nightmare-like sequence of events.

The Winter-Mute, a wolf/malamute hybrid, was born of human experimentation and explains to Mr. North that certain humans will be assessed and seen if they can co-habitate. The city is an experiment of societal proportions. The idea of hybridization occurring between humans and animals reveals a disturbing last image that hints at Winter-Mute’s endgame and the larger mythology at hand.

Animosity: The Rise is a side story for the larger Animosity series which is determined to be a thriller of a epic, dystopian proportions. It’s characters are skeptical of one another and it breeds a tension that’s worthy of a resolve. Humanity is at the mercy of the animals and in The Rise mercy is shown with a caveat and a question: Can a person be humane enough to deserve a place in a society that’s been mistreated for so long?

Verdict: Buy! It’s a sci-fi story with hints of horror and it is just as amusing. The cast seems to be growing and the world that’s introduced is vibrantly rich with story. It has action and a blurring distinction for what it means to be truly righteous. Pick it up!

I'm a journalism major at Rutgers University who loves reading comic books and writing fiction for fun.

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