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‘The Flash S03E10: Borrowing Problems from the Future’ Review

The Flash returns this week with some more glimpses into the future. It opens with Barry replaying the same “bad dream” of Savitar killing Iris. From that moment, we see Barry struggling with how to fix this on his own. It isn’t until the last third or so of the episode that he admits to Iris what is wrong and they decide that telling the team, minus Joe, would be best to get through this. It’s safe to say that this is absolutely on the darker end of the spectrum when it comes to The Flash. Most of the episodes won’t be this dark of a tone, but touching on it once in a while is good for the show.

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By the end of the episode, it’s Iris and Caitlin who need saving. Iris from Savitar and Caitlin from becoming Killer Frost. This is where the show really seems to fault the most. The women never seem to be a strong force in this show. Caitlin and Iris both need saving, and they’re surrounded by a group of men who will try to do that. It’s cliche, but not all is lost just yet. Caitlin shows determination to do whatever it takes to not become Killer Frost, so there’s hope that they use that to their advantage as the episodes go on. Iris, on the other hand, isn’t a scientist, doesn’t have powers, and somehow never seems to be at work. While the last is unrelated, it was nice to see Iris as a reporter and give her a life outside of Barry, Joe, and now Wally. There’s still just something missing for her and we can only hope the writers find a better way to use her character.

This episode has less to do with Plunder and more to do with figuring out how to alter the future. Barry remembers that he was the one who put Plunder away in the future, so after he escapes police custody, he has Wally catch him instead. Barry and Cisco vibe into the future to write down all of the headlines from the night Iris is killed, which is how we know Caitlin needs saving, too.

We see in this episode how trying to change the future on your own is virtually impossible. Barry struggles with what to do, but chooses the right thing in the end by trusting in the team. Caitlin does the same when it comes to suppressing her powers. Although, she takes it a step further by asking Julian to join the team (without actually telling the team initially). It’s a solid episode, and it looks like next week will lighten up a bit.

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  • Iris needs more to do as a character still.
  • Adding Julian to the team will bring an interesting dynamic.
  • The slo-mo CGI didn’t look all that great.
  • Star Labs museum!

Favorite Lines

  • “What up Central City? The name’s Kid Flash.” – Wally enjoying the attention
  • “Oh, so you plundered Plunder?” – Iris to Barry

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