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All-Star Batman #5 Review

Script: Scott Snyder
Pencils: John Romita Jr.
Inks: Danny Miki, Tom Palmer, Sandra Hope, and Richard Friend
Colors: Dean White
Letters: Steve Wands

All-Star Batman #5 closes out the “My Own Worst Enemy” storyline. The issue revolves around finding the “cure” for Two-Face, which isn’t totally a cure. Whoever is stronger between Harvey and Two-Face will prevail and become the permanent fixture. Batman’s idea is a bit different from that solution. Instead, he makes it a permanent battle of who prevails. If Harvey is stronger, he’s the winner for the moment. If he doesn’t, we’ll see some Two-Face action. The issue ends with a little “2 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days later” segment where Batman dresses and scares some villains. It’s a nice little moment in an issue that is full of grit and has some high stakes.

All-Star Batman #5
All-Star Batman #5

It’s not surprising that a Scott Snyder Batman story is enjoyable at this point. His run that started with the New 52 is what got me diving into the character and this is a fulfilling title so far. John Romita Jr.’s art style fits well with the story by really matching the gritty theme. Overall, this creative team puts together a nice run. Next up is Mr. Freeze and I can’t wait to see how that turns out.

I have seen mixed feelings about this series, especially with how well Batman and Detective Comics are doing. Not from me necessarily, but in general. While I may personally love this, it’s not the Batman for everyone. Some don’t like the art, others are underwhelmed with the story. To each their own, as always. That said, it did take a couple of issues to get into this story. At first, it seems to be quite out there and not entirely clear what’s going on. With the arc conclusion, though, the endgame is clear. They wrap it up nicely in this issue and Snyder does a great job with the dialogue.

Alfred provides some nice little moments in this issue, as well. He’s a character who sometimes does not get enough (or any) attention in the comics. It’s refreshing to see the role he plays in this arc. Hopefully, we will get more of him in the following issues.

Verdict: Buy. At least give this first arc a chance, especially if you enjoyed Snyder’s run with Capullo at all. It’s clear that Snyder still has plenty of Batman stories in him. Mr. Freeze is next and while Romita Jr. will not be on art, Jock will be. It seems Snyder finds a way to always give us something to look forward to.

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