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the Flash #13 Review

the Flash #13
the Flash #13

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Neil Googe

Colors: Ivan Plascencia

Letters: Steve Wands

In a word the Flash #13 is delightful. Joshua Williamson and company have created a near perfect single issue which was just a joy to read. The story is simple but superb. Barry Allen has finally asked out Iris West and in an effort to make sure his Aunt has the perfect, uninterrupted date Kid Flash is patrolling Central City with the sole purpose of making sure no crisis or disaster interrupts the date. This brings him into several interesting conflicts, most notably with the Rogue Tar Pit. Williamson also gives us a glimpse into Barry and Iris’ date as they figure out why their obvious affection for each other has never worked out. It’s an interesting conversation and one that has been coming for some time. It will be intriguing to see how this plays out. Will their relationship follow the classic history or will this run of the Flash take the iconic couple in a different direction?

Since it’s relaunch with the DC Rebirth the Flash has been an excellent read. The Flash has been my favorite Super Hero for some time and although I am a Wally West Flash fan I appreciate the history of Barry and Williamson is really finding the characters voices with this run. I wasn’t on board with the New 52 Flash but was aware of the ‘New” Wally West, which I personally felt was unnecessary. Yet I find myself liking the character within this series, I especially love him in the classic Kid Flash costume and Wally was very engaging in this issue. It’s nice to see this Kid Flash still growing as a hero and learning all the abilities he has as a new speedster.

Kid Flash makes sure Date Night is Crisis free
Kid Flash makes sure Date Night is Crisis free

The Flash #13 is not just a well-written story as the art was also spectacular. Neil Googe was born to draw the Flash and I wish we got more of his art on this title. I know he is one of the rotating artists on the title but I want more then one or two issues. His style is dynamic and cartoony. His layouts flow nicely and his Kid Flash is perfect. He looks like a little skinny kid who is happy and content with being a superhero. Not just a slightly smaller version of the adult Flash that he so often looks like. I hope we get more Googe on this book and that his issues become more regular. Ivan Plascencia’s colors are a fitting choice for Googe’s artwork. The dreary winter day is represented perfectly and the yellow and red of Kid Flash’s costume pop off the page. This is an excellent creative team who I hope we get great things from during 2017.

Verdict: Buy this book, as you won’t be disappointed. In the age of the decompressed storyline the one off issue is a rarity. Yet it is not a lost art form as it is done almost perfectly here. If you are a fan of the Flash you should read this issue. If you want to get back into the world of the Flash then this is the place for you to start. If you just want a fun story without any baggage then read the Flash #13.



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