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‘Supergirl S02E08: Medusa’ Review

This episode kicks off the huge crossover event on The CW this week. Supergirl mostly runs it’s own story during the episode, but the very end of the episode ties into the event. It starts off with a nice, normal family and friends Thanksgiving until a portal opens up above the dinner table. After that, Winn, Alex, and Kara head into the DEO to figure out what’s going on. This leads us into a nice, Luthor-filled episode. Eliza Danvers returns as well and plays more of a role than just their mom showing up for Thanksgiving.

“Medusa” brings a lot to the table this episode. It leads us to believe that Lena is just like the rest of the Luthors until she turns on her mom and we find out it was a trick all along. It’s a huge relief that there is one good Luthor in the family. When first seeing Lena hand over the Isotope 454 to her mom, you’ll possibly scream at your television. Isotope 454 plays the role of the “x-factor” ingredient to killing all of the non-Kryptonian aliens. We also find out that Kara’s father is the one who created the Medusa virus in the first place, but not until after Cyborg Superman kills the bar full of aliens first.

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

There’s quite a bit to take in this episode, but the Luthors are a huge part of it. Aside from them, we get wonderful moments with Alex and Eliza and some endearing awkwardness between Kara and Mon-El. While Eliza didn’t have a huge role in the episode, it’s nice to have her back. She does practically save the day, though. She finds a way to save Mon-El since he was in the bar when the gas dispersed and she restore J’onn back to his green martian self. It was a good episode all around, especially from the family perspective.

Let’s not forget to mention that Alex does in fact get the girl in this episode. It was surprising when they pushed Alex and Maggie away just a few episodes ago and this episode paid off for them.

Finally, we hit the reason for the portals opening around the team. Barry and Cisco make it through one in Kara’s apartment and she comes home to them both standing there. Most people would find this odd, but since Kara knows Barry, she instantly says hello. It’s a nice little moment and it leads us into tomorrow’s episode of The Flash, which looks like it will be a must-watch. Overall, this was a solid episode and hopefully we see more of Lena Luthor and Eliza as the season goes on. Eliza can definitely hold her own and make significant contributions without needing to be present in every episode.

The Good

  • The Alex and Maggie fan club is very happy right now.
  • Eliza is back! And plays more than just the mom role.

The Bad

  • This was pushed as the first episode of the crossover event, but we only get about a minute of it in this episode.

Favorite Line

  • “Oh yeah, those Luthors do love an epic criminal scheme.” – Winn to the team at the DEO

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