Civil War II #7 Review

Civil War II #7
Civil War II #7

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: David Marquez & Andrea Sorrentino

Color Artist: Justin Ponsor & Marceto Maiolo

Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Civil War II #7 is the penultimate issue for one of Marvel’s latest events as we ramp up for the epic finale with issue #8, which we will hopefully see this year. Civil War II is feeling very drawn out at this point but every time an issue is released I find myself enjoying it and issue #7 is no different even though it answers none of the questions for the post Civil War II Marvel universe. It’s a fun read if you don’t look to deeply into it and its flawed characterizations of the Marvel heroes.

Civil War II #7 opens in New Attilan, home of the Inhumans. Medusa and the royal family are growing concerned with Ulysses and how powerful his premonitions are becoming. Yet Ulysses is already lost in one of his visions. I’m not sure why Marvel added an extra issue but they obviously needed to add some pages so why not have Andrea Sorrentino draw some Old Man Logan pages. I love Sorrentino’s art and have been enjoying Old Man Logan but it’s a bit jarring next to David Marquez and seems like filler rather then part of the story. During these added pages we witness Logan killing one of Hulk’s offspring before he and Ulysses have a conversation about how the Inhumans left earth because of something Tony Stark did. If you had not read the original Old Man Logan storyline by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven or the Secret Wars mini-series you may be lost here but not so much you’d be dethatched from the issue. The scene wraps quickly and by the time Ulysses snaps back to the present he realizes Carol has taken it to far and he must stop her to avert the future.

The rest of this issue is a continuation of Miles Morales Spider-Man as he fights the future and the vision that he would kill Steve Rogers Captain America. I sometimes feel ridiculous having to write that but this is the Marvel universe today where there are multiple characters using the same name. Both Captain America and Captain Marvel arrive, each with different intentions. While Captain America wants to prove Ulysses wrong Captain Marvel wants to take him into protective custody before a super fight breaks out on the steps of the US Capitol. Of course Iron Man has something to say about that and by the end of the issue it’s understood that the final issue is going to be a violent conclusion to this civil war.

Even with the different artwork, something I hate in events, this issue is actually very enjoyable. I’ve decided to read this book more as the event it is rather then a logical story that is true to the characters, not an else worlds per say but these are not the Marvel characters I’ve read for over 30 years. That being said this book is still beautiful, David Marquez is blowing me away with the work he is doing here. His artwork is crisp and the colors are vibrant. Even Sorrentino’s pages are a joy once you get past the switch in style. His layouts are super detailed and his fight scenes are dynamic. I would love to see him on an Iron Fist or Shang Chi: Master of Kung Fu book once Old Man Logan wraps up. Bendis is very Bendisy here as he tells the story he wants to tell not really caring about the characters histories but its still enjoyable and I’m hoping for a satisfying conclusion when Civil War II finally wraps in December.

Verdict: Buy. By this point you know what you’re getting with Civil War II and even though it might not be what people wanted it is enjoyable and beautiful. We’re already seeing the ramifications as Marvel has yet again blown their deadline but it’s a fun read and if you have made it to issue #7 then you might as well finish the event.

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