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‘The Flash S03E06: Shade’ Review

Spoilers ahead! 

This week, The Flash shifts it’s focus over to the supporting cast again. Wally is the main focus this episode because Alchemy reaches out to him and he starts having dreams about being Kid Flash. Despite this focus, we still get Shade as a villain, although he’s fairly easily dealt with. HR is essentially the only upbeat person in this episode as there’s a lot of serious situations going on at once. We even see more of Caitlin and her powers this week.

When the episode starts with Wally as Kid Flash, we know it is a focus for the episode. Wally plays the part well. He’s hurt that he doesn’t have powers but comes around to seeing it from Joe’s perspective. In the end, his eagerness for those powers is too tempting for him and we’re left with a bit of a cliffhanger there. This felt fairly predictable, but with Jesse Quick back on her Earth, it will be interesting to see how Wally handles his powers.

Photo Credit: The CW
Photo Credit: The CW

Caitlin is visibly out of sorts and when Cisco calls her out on it, she caves and tells him that she has powers. She even has Cisco vibe her to see if she becomes Killer Frost in the future. He says he saw nothing, but eventually tells her the truth. Basically, keeping secrets is not a strong suit for Cisco and that leads to Caitlin revealing her powers to the whole team. These bits of the episode didn’t feel quite as genuine as they should have. It just lacks that little something extra that we usually get with The Flash characters.

Shade is quickly in the power dampening cuffs after The Flash first faces off against him. It doesn’t matter much that this was a quick encounter because Shade wasn’t the main focus of the episode. That leads us to Alchemy. The slow burn of this character is working far better than last season’s Jay Garrick. However, Alchemy being more of a focus this week is a nice way to push the storyline forward with Wally.

Next week’s preview shows more of Caitlin so this season seems to focus more on everyone else’s powers. This makes sense considering the emphasis the show has always had on this team environment, especially as they seem to keep expanding the team.


  • Will Wally still want to help people under the influence of Alchemy?
  • Iris still feels left out, especially with Wally and Caitlin now having powers
  • Is there any way to keep Caitlin from becoming Killer Frost? (I sure hope so.)

Favorite Line

  • “There is no Flash without Iris West.” – Barry to Iris as they talk about her limitations to contributing to the team

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